Kiln – Raku

The Raku process needs more heat than an electric kiln can typically provide. This kiln has been reworked by the Framingham makers to run with a high-volume, high-heat propane burner and is fuelled with a tank which is larger than the typical home grill propane tank. Firing the clay for the Raku project is an outdoor event, so firings will be scheduled for the warmer months. In addition to the kiln, the Raku process requires smoke generated from one of several combustible materials when the fired project is put into a tightly closed metal bucket.

Technical Data:  Discarded electric kiln modified for propane use.  Venturi propane burner (MR-750), 152,000 BTU with adjustable high pressure regulator

User Manual: (Locally written?)

MFG Web Site: MR-750 venturi burner

Leased By: Owned by Framingham Makerspace

Safety Considerations:

All firings will be scheduled events because of the very high heat involved, and will be done at a location outside the makerspace facility.

Certification Process:

All participants will need to work with the Raku activity group.


Read and view the material at the following links to help you prepare for using the Raku process.