We welcome new members.  If you are interested in joining, contact us or stop by for a tour.  Memberships are monthly but we expect our members to be part of our community for the longer term.  Once you’ve seen the Makerspace and understand how we operate joining consists of completing the membership form and an in-person new member orientation.

  • Premium membership

    • $100/month
    • Key fob for 24/7 access
    • Access to all shops


  • Basic membership

    • $30/month
    • No key fob. 
      • We don’t have any staff so the only scheduled open hours right now are during tours. 
      • You can also use the space whenever a premium member is present.
    • No access to wood, metal or welding shops.  You’ll get access to electronics, 3D printing, vinyl cutter, sewing and multipurpose area.  We are still deciding what equipment in our new fiber arts lab basic members will have access to.
    • Can participate in checkout/training on shop tools.


  • Family membership

    • There is no discount for additional family members but this is the only option we offer for people under 18 years old. 
    • Contact us for more information


  • Corporate membership

    • This membership is for organizations that have multiple people who want access to the Makerspace at different times.   Corporate memberships are based on the number of simultaneous members present.  This differs from our premium and basic memberships which are tied to an individual. 
    • Contact us for more information


Studio rental:

A premium membership is required to rent a studio.  Studio space is for clean quiet activities.  Power tools, etc. must be used in the common areas rather than in your studio.

  • Main Makerspace

    • All studios are currently rented.
  • Expansion space across the hall

    • We have one studio (10ft x 17ft) currently available (as of 8/7/2022).  Contact us for more information.