Member Projects

Ignis – Dragon Fire Organ

The latest fire art project made at Framingham Makerspace and the Worcshop.  Organ pipes are behind the dragon wings and run on propane which is ignited when note is played.  It is played with a MIDI keyboard. Materials funded by an art grant from a regional Burning Man event.

Roomba Robot Project

We are repurposing some older iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners as robotic learning platforms.  One goal is to mount a Raspberry Pi with WiFi and camera and have the Roomba follow a colored ball (it’s been done but…).  We could explore simple algorithms like birds flocking and related emergent behavior if we get enough of them.  … Continue reading Roomba Robot Project

LED Staff Projects

Two of our members are in the process of making LED staffs.  These consist of a clear tube with individually addressable RGB LED strip inside, battery, power supply, Arduino and various sensors.   Here are some pictures of machining the battery holder end for the staff.

Arduino LED installation

What’s Being Made at Framingham Makerspace Some of us have been working together with Fireseed Arts ( for a while on various projects.  Here is an LED installation that was just installed on their stage.  Made from recycled white tubes with individually addressable LED strips controlled with an Arduino (  

Scrolling LED sign driven with Raspberry Pi

What’s being made at Framingham Makerspace? Scrolling LED sign driven with Raspberry Pi

Dance Camp LED wall hanging

What’s being made at the Makerspace?

Fire breathing dragons in the woods

Fire breathing dragons in the woods Three fire breathing dragons attended their first festival.  Funded with an art grant from Firefly Arts Collective and made at Framingham Makerspace with participation from David, Gesa, Brian, Tim and David.

Seth’s competition robot

Seth’s competition robot Here is a link to Seth’s competition robot

Ben’s Robot Project

Ben’s Robot Project Check out the first test of my VersaDrive. It looks ever so slightly wobbly. I think the root of the problem is the bearing alignment.

Propane Poofer

Here is an example of a propane “poofer”    

Team Just ‘Cuz Robotics

Member Projects made on the Framingham Makerspace Tormach PCNC1100 CNC milling machine.  

Framingham Makerspace TwitterPoof

Framingham Makerspace live TwitterPoof project on 7 May 2020 as part of ArtWeekAtHome Massachusetts. The project consists of a propane “poofer” actuated by tweeting a number from 0-9 to a particular hashtag.  The number indicates how long the “poof” will be.  The poofer was on a Facebook live video feed so people could watch their … Continue reading Framingham Makerspace TwitterPoof

RGB Coyote Head

An exploration of paint color under red, green, blue and ultraviolet light.  Inspired by a room at Meow Wolf in Sante Fe, NM.

DJ table for Burning Man sound camp

What’s being made at Framingham Makerspace With Burning Man ( right arount the corner there were a couple of Burning Man projects being done at Framingham Makerspace.  Here is a DJ table for one of the sound camps.