What is a Makerspace?

Meeting Space and Workspace for Creative People in the Community

Our dream is to create a place which provides community, shared tools and a work space which encourages and enables members to build their dreams. Exploring art and technology in a welcoming, respectful, community oriented space while also being a resource to the community at large.

After visiting other makerspaces in Massachusetts and beyond, a group of dynamic, creative individuals has begun the journey to create a place for their work centered in Framingham, the heart of Metrowest Boston. Beginning small, in the homes of the group, these individuals formed the beginnings of a “Do-It-Yourself” community. They started with their own interests and invited others to join in.

facebook Facebook – a place where you can leave messages for the organizing team and others who have already joined or who want to be part of the community.

meetup Meetup – a tool for scheduling meetings

google group Google Groups – a mailing list and forum for the group’s discussions.