Gesa Lehnert

I have been a creative artist for over 30 years working in water color, printing, etching, bronze casting, acrylic, sculpture and encaustic. For over 10 years I have had my own studio at Fountain Street Studio: A great place to create on your own.

But what I love about the Makerspace is the interaction with all the other people, learning, listening, brainstorming with them and hanging out.

All of a sudden I find myself looking at magnet data sheets to make sure that chess pieces constructed out of old nuts, bolts and water sprinkler heads are sticking to a Moebius chess board, which ended up being displayed a Boston Figment 2015. The Makerspace allows me to contribute with my artist skills to projects while learning new techniques, tackle big machinery and at same time create something with others that I might never have previously imagined.

Help Us Create a Community Art Project

Update:  Still planning to do this but it is delayed due to COVID situation.

Framingham MakerSpace, with the support of the mayor’s office, is organizing an art project created by members of the community at large. We will be installing a field of crochet flowers in the Arlington Street Park on May 2.

Everyone is invited to participate. Make large flowers crocheted or knitted out of yarn, any colors or design. Ideally, we will use up odd lots and yarn left over from other projects. No need to buy yarn.

This is a great way to keep productive while we stay home (kids too!) and gives us all something to look forward to.

Flowers may be left at the Callahan Center, the Framingham Public Library and the McAuliffe branch as well as the MakerSpace once they are reopened.

For more information contact Maria at

Raspberry Pi Night

Raspberry Pi night is a monthly meeting of individuals who want to learn more about the credit-card-sized Linux machine called the Raspberry Pi. Anyone who is curious about Raspberry Pi or would like to exchange ideas about projects that they are working on are welcome.

 The Raspberry Pi was specifically designed to encourage making and computer hardware/software education. It is open source hardware so it can be used and modified for any purpose.

If you have a Raspberry Pi and want to get together with others to compare notes, swap ideas, etc. come to our meetup. Bring your Pi and show us what you’re doing with it.

If you’re curious about the Raspberry Pi and want to meet others who have one or are just interested in finding out more about them, come to our meetup.

In addition to sharing and helping each other  the group’s organizer, Saman, will test some of his Raspberry Pi class curriculum on us, so it’s a great opportunity if you are new to the Raspberry Pi and want to learn more.

For those unfamiliar with the Raspberry Pi, here is a link

Check out the segment on our Raspberry Pi night that aired on Framingham Public Access Channel. The segment starts 10:34 into the video.


Some projects by the group’s members

Media Center
Housewide Wireless Temperature Sensor Network
Hexabot Robot



Raspberry Pi Setup Guide (October 2013) PDF
Raspberry Pi Calls (October 2013) PowerPoint
Raspberry Pi Development Environment (April 2014)PowerPoint
install latest code to Raspberry Pi (May 2014) PDF
Raspberry-Arduino-Environment (May 2014) PowerPoint
May Link: