Progress on expansion space

We’ve been making good progress on the expansion space buildout.  All the sheetrock is up (except one tiny corner).  Everything except the top three feet around all the pipes has been taped and mudded.  Doors are hung but temporarily removed for mudding and painting.  Electrical is moving along. 

Fiber arts open house/demo night on March 9th

What:  Framingham Makerspace Fiber Art Open House
When:  Wednesday evening 3/9/2022, 7:00-9:00PM
Where:  Framingham Makerspace, 28 John. H. Finley III Way, Suite 107, Framingham, MA (Saxonville Mills, Building #3, 1st floor)

Free and open to all.  Minors must be accompanied by a guardian. A face covering is required for this event.

What is fiber art?  Anything to do with yarn or fabric: sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, spinning, and much more! Come learn about our existing fiber art capabilities, how we plan to expand in the coming year, and all the kinds of cool stuff you can make with both new and old technology. 

We will demonstrate our sewing and embroidery machines. Current members can also complete a checkout to use
the equipment.

We’ll also discuss our expansion plans for next year and our new fiber art lab space, which will include a Kniterate fully automated knitting machine (like a 3D printer for fabric!); a long arm quilting machine for creating large quilts; and spinning and weaving tools.

Roomba Robot Project

We are repurposing some older iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners as robotic learning platforms.  One goal is to mount a Raspberry Pi with WiFi and camera and have the Roomba follow a colored ball (it’s been done but…).  We could explore simple algorithms like birds flocking and related emergent behavior if we get enough of them.  Also as a learning platform to play with “Robot Operating System” (ROS2).  These are a good basic robot platform and are inexpensive if you can find a cheap older (500 or 600 series) Roomba at a yard sale.  Replacement batteries are about $20 and they have a serial port (5V TTL level) for communication and control.  Lots of library support out there also.  We now have a group of us at FMS that are getting familiar with this platform and can help others who want to convert one.

This work should feed directly into the electric wheelchair robot project.  Same software functionality but on a larger more capable platform.

If you have an older iRobot Roomba vacuum that you would like to donate contact us at