Saxonville Mills is pleased to announce the first annual Saxonville Mills Open Studios, Saturday and Sunday, April 7and 8, from noon to 5 pm.

Joining Framingham Makerspace are more than 15 businesses and new artists, photographers, galleries, music practice and recording studios, machine and woodworking shops, inventors, potters and neighborhood organizations. Visitors will have the opportunity to tour the spaces, talk with the artists and buy original works. Kevin Swope, researcher/board member of the Framingham History Center and author of “The Saxonville Mills: Three Generations of Industry in Framingham,” will give guided tours of the Mills.  Light refreshments will be served throughout the complex.

Plentiful parking is available in the Watson Place lot behind the complex as well as in the central courtyard at 1602 Concord Street.  For more information contact Emily at (617) 670-3470 or